Private problems, they happen to everyone. Often they resolve themselves, but sometimes additional research is needed to support the case. Are you in such a situation? ID-Investigations will get to the bottom of it.


We investigate the case and collect as much evidence as possible. All our findings are put in a clear and complete report, which could possibly be used in a legal procedure.


Furthermore, we will deliver a comprehensive calculation of all expenses incurred and the salary of the detective.


Adultery is the most common case. Even though this isn’t a punishable offence anymore, proving adultery can still be important in a divorce procedure. Other cases include theft or stalking.


If you have a specific question, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Some examples of investigations :

* Adultery

* Disappeared and missing persons

* Custody of children

​* Collecting evidence of unacceptable intimidation


​- The list of investigations is extensive therefore, we will listen to your specific concerns.

We respond within 24 hours.