Has your company ever suspected an employee of fraud, theft, or fear for corporate espionage? These and many other complications are very delicate. ID-Investigations will conduct a thorough but discrete investigation.


A detailed final report will include the conducted research, a clear summary of the findings, a collection of the evidence, and a calculation of the costs incurred. The salary of the detective is also included. In case of a legal procedure, you can use this report as evidence.


Some of the most common cases are: espionage, theft and the comings and goings of employees.


If you have a specific question, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Some examples of investigations :


* Salespeople's time and peformace


* Company thefts and absenteeism


* Employee fraud


* Overseas assignment


* Insurance claims and worker compensation investigations


* Mystery guest



The list of investigations is extensive therefore, we will listen to your specific concerns.


We respond within 24 hours.