We don’t accept assignments over the phone, the first meeting is always in person. This initial consultation takes place at a location of your choice. During this first contact, you can explain your issue in detail. Afterwards, we will verify the legality of your request.


If we decide to accept your case, ID-Investigations will begin its investigation. The assignment is included in an agreement in accordance with the law of July 19, 1991.


ID-Investigations determines the necessities and the costs to bring the assignment to a successful conclusion, in accordance with your case. This will be discussed with you before you sign an agreement, so you will have a transparent view on the possible costs. This decision can’t be against the law in general, and specifically against articles 5, 6, 7 and 14 of the law of July 19, 1991. 


We will inform you of the progress of the investigation at all times. If preferred, we will provide intermediary reports. At the end of the assignment, we will provide a detailed report with possible evidence, a summary of the conducted research and the costs.


ID-Investigations works discreetly. No data, findings or information will be passed on to third parties.